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Prospective investors of the project are private individuals or legal entities which have decided to invest funds in:

1. Existing business that experienced a shortage of working capital. 2. Existing business that is expanding. 3. Existing business which has decided to diversify its activities by opening a new area in it's work. 4. Startup for a completely new project (venture capital). 5. The acquisition of the existing business. 6. The acquisition of shares in the authorized fund of existing business (venture capital).

After registration, you have the opportunity to place your ad by filling in the form in your account, and it will automatically appear on the site.

Also, investors can take advantage of the preliminary assessment of the project which is interesting to them:

  1. Financial analysis of the company, confirmation of potential profitability of the business plan, evaluation of current business profitability, as well as the prospect of the loan repayment and collateral sufficiency of the loan according to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development methodology.
  2.  Verification of credit history, title documents and contractual obligations.
  3.  Security clearance and reputation check.

The investment (loan) agreement is signed by entrepreneurs and investors to avoid hidden charges.